Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wednesday Digest: Easter All-Sorts

In the last IIS article before a two-week break, we include a bumper crop of links for you to feast your job-hungry eyes on...

There's no theme to the final pre-Easter article on IIS: before a two-week break, we think it's important that you get your hands on all the articles that we've trawled the internet for over the past couple of weeks, but haven't yet included in an IIS digest.

To start with, there are some interesting thoughts on using MBTI (for more information on just what this means, click here) in your job search.
Next, think about who could be googling you...
There's advice on building your career, here and here.
And ideas on how to create a 'master resume' here.
When it comes to the interview itself, think about making the best impression possible and listening emotionally to your interviewers.
And have a look at what can be learned about an interview from a completely different arena...
Here are some useful tips on how not to approach your next job interview.
And from the great Career Rocketeer, here are three excellent articles on the job search.

Finally, here a couple of free webinars, on body language in the interview room, on Tuesday the 26th of April and building your network for career success, on Friday the 29th.

Have relaxing and enjoyable Easter break, everyone, and I look forward to carrying on helping out with the job search when I return in a couple of weeks.

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