Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Is your mindset up to scratch?

According to recent research (article in the Financial Times interviewing James Reed, Chairman of the recruiters Reed), 96% of employers choosing between 2 short-listed candidates would choose the one with the required mindset but might lack the complete skillset over the one with the complete skillset but who lacks the desired mindset.

They talk about the 3Gs of mindset: Global, Good, and Grit.

Make sure that you can talk about the impact of your own mindset during the interview.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Get the job or your money back!

Is this cheesy? No. We believe in what we say on the box. So at last ... drum roll ... the e-book is here. Immediate Interview Success. You have an interview. Well done - but that's just the beginning.

The purpose of your CV and your application form/the application letter is to get the interview for the job you've applied for.

The purpose of all that networking - is to get in front of people who have jobs to offer.

Now what? - Now you have to get cracking. This is it/ You have to convince the interviewer/s you are the best person for the job that you are being interviewed for.

Now it's real. So now - what do you have to do? Well - download our ebook on Immediate Interview Success and get to work.

Yes - you have to to work at getting prepared. You'll have to graft to showcase your talents and value to the interviewer/interview panel.

Get a head start by preparing to succeed; failing to prepare is to prepare to fail (corny but true).

Click here - now.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Over and In

Thanks Sam for kicking this off - and for you readers for being here.

Are you here? Hello? It's time to hear from you, now that we are about to launch the ultimate E-BOOK - Immediate Interview Success - also known as get the job or your money back (or some such thing). You'll have to wait for the title and the url ... it's coming; really; if you want to be sure you're told, sign up on the box on the right and you will get the very first notice. Plus a freebie that will be in the book. Plus perhaps free access to the book.

Yes, ok, sign up to our mailing list before the end of May 2011 (whatever timezone you're in) and I guarantee to send you the very first copy of our hot off the press ebook, no questions asked, and with a guaranteed listing on our Five High Respect roll of honour.

We're moving from broadcast to listening mode. What are your happiest and unhappiest interview memories - as a job supplicant (aka interviewee) or as an interviewer (yes - you're human too - and we're here to help interviewees get better at what they need to be doing, so you can get on with your day job!).

Come on guys and gals. Talk to us. Any stories featured in future blogs and that feature in revisions of the E-BOOK will earn you our Five High Respect membership deal, an honorary mention on our roll of honour, and of course great discounts (and affiliate deals, if you are so inclined).

Talk to me (Clare) please - let me know that you are there, and what you want from us.

More on the opening deals on the book, for readers of this blog, when Karl does his wonder-work and gets us up and live.

How exciting! We go live - and you get the job. Yeh - win and win. I'd say that that's cool, except that that might date me in terms of lingo. Tell me what to say (as long as it will pass the decency test).

Over and in - Clare

Friday, 27 May 2011

A New Chapter!

We're now moving into a new stage with the Immediate Interview Success project: this week sees the end of the blog in its current form, with thrice-weekly digests -- but I'm pleased to announce that we'll shortly be unveiling the IIS e-book!

So for the moment, it's goodbye from me, Sam -- but I'd like to pass you over to Clare, who'll be taking up the reins as we go forward into an exciting new phase with IIS.

Happy job hunting!

p.s. As the regular posts are on hold for the moment, here are a few links that didn't get included in one of our digests:
  1. thank you tips
  2. pre-interview mistakes
  3. pre-interview tips
  4. networking
  5. resume/CV organisation

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday Digest: Seminars Galore

Leveraging the power of the internet-based seminar...

Webinars, teleseminars, or whatever -- interacting with job searching specialists online is a great way to fuel your job search. This week, check out the following free online seminars:
  • this seminar on resume writing is today, Wednesday 25 May, 1.30am--2.30am (it's those pesky US time zones again!)
  • or register here for news of an upcoming seminar on using LinkedIn in your job search
  • or register here for another upcoming seminar, also on the subject of resumes/CVs

Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday Digest: Interview Techniques

How to behave in an interview...

Start the week with a selection of links on interview performance: the 'how?' and 'what?' of an interview.